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    Its industry

    Its industry

    Financial investment

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    In the process of consolidating the foundation for many years, Wukesong Group's business development has been steady. In 2012, in order to accelerate the pace of progress, breaking the existing business module, Wukesong Group set up a small loan company, officially opened the financial business territory.

    Microcredit companies focus on small micro-enterprise credit and mortgages. Business development early to Wukesong Wood as the center, focus on the development of upstream and downstream enterprises and the industry's financial loan services to solve the short-term business turnover problems. With the improvement of business proficiency, the company will be targeted at the local business of all walks of life business.

    In 2014, Wukesong Group in Beijing set up an investment management company, focusing on small and medium enterprises investment and financing services. In the investment services, focus on small micro-enterprises or entrepreneurial enterprises equity investment. In the financing services, focus on solving the problem of small and medium enterprises operating funds shortage. The company has served nearly a hundred small business owners, to solve the financing problem.

    Wukesong Group Finance Company in the future will focus on equity investment, for the excellent business projects to provide incubation funds!
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