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    Beijing Jincheng Shengshi Hotel Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned acquisition by Wukesong Group Finance Company in 2015 to develop the project. The hotel belongs to the fast hotel, and platinum Tao Group's 7-day brand of cooperation projects.

    Beijing Jincheng Shengshi Hotel under the front desk, the Ministry of the Department, the Ministry of maintenance and the Ministry of Finance, a total of 18 employees, the management staff 2. The hotel has 115 rooms, the rooms are fully equipped, free WIFI with Internet TV box, allowing you to enjoy the comfortable environment. The hotel is not only convenient transportation, but also surrounded by complete, is located in the Beijing Metro Metro Line 10 Fengtai station C2 next to the Beijing West Railway Station, South Station is only 6 subway journey, the traffic is very convenient, surrounded by Beijing special characteristics Purple Garden Food, days outside the day roast duck and so on.

    Hotel in the "guests first, service first" service concept, in the daily business, standing on the guests point of view of the problem, the timely thought of the guests may have problems, early settlement. It is due to the promotion of services and the maintenance of room hygiene, so that the hotel's annual occupancy rate remained at 85% or more.
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