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    Its industry

    Healthy Technology

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    In recent years, embryonic stem cell research has achieved a lot of important results, while experts in the development of such stem cells with similar "pluripotent cells" also received progress in medicine.

    The use of embryonic stem cells in the treatment of diseases has a wide range of applications. The next step, researchers may continue to prove that other types of body cells can also be "gene surgery" was transformed into "all-round cells." The medical application of stem cells also includes cloning of human organs in vitro, but this is more complicated than transplanting stem cells in vivo. I believe that with the deepening of the study, from the human stem cell organs used in clinical treatment has not far. Stem cell research and application not only have an extremely attractive prospect in the treatment of disease, but also will have an important impact on the development of clonal animals, transgenic animal production, developmental biology, new drug development and efficacy, toxicity assessment.

    Can be through the Wukesong platform to understand the field of stem cells, join the field of stem cells, as a member of stem cell shareholders.
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