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    Traditional Culture

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    The world where the vitality of the management of ideas, are based on local culture on the. Corporate culture in the construction process, we must attach importance to the original corporate culture of the excellent content of the inheritance and development, in particular, to inherit and carry forward the corporate culture has proved the core values of the correct, these ideas are considered to ensure long-term business stability Foundation. We are an ancient country of civilization development, historical and cultural traditions conducive to cultural construction, social development and even enterprise development.

    It is this idea, from the management to the grassroots employees, learning traditional culture, learning filial piety, do moral and quality of people, and repeatedly invited traditional culture teachers to teach staff; to our Chinese traditional culture, a tradition Cultural case, a living show in front of everyone, a profound education of every employee. Group to use the rest day to organize staff to learn to learn CD, share the experience. Through the study of traditional culture, the emergence of a lot of good things, lost money, unity and friendship, mutual help, honor the elderly and so on. Group also from time to time to organize party members and management to offer love, to the elderly to send warmth; every festivals, to the poor households to send rice, send face, send love. The group also set up charitable foundations to raise money to do good things to help families with hardships. One of the well-known employees of the child was burned, we spontaneously donated for the child treatment.

    Learning traditional culture, so that we know more about the Thanksgiving. The core of corporate culture is people-oriented, doing business is actually a man. A fearless person who does not have a sense of gratitude is not trustworthy. Wukesong Group's philosophy is: Thanksgiving parents, Thanksgiving business, Thanksgiving team, contribute to the community! Business career is not important, business people is the ultimate goal of Wukesong.

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