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    Talent Strategy

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    Every employee is regarded as a member of the family, but the division of labor is different, but every employee is the rapid development of the group. Everyone is a member of the family. Dedicated to their own strength.
    growing up

    The growth of every family is proportional to their contribution and contribution to the group. Employees from the grassroots level, promotion channel unimpeded. Management staff performance by the company's KPI indicators for assessment; excellent front-line staff from the back-up cadres to start, promotion channel: reserve cadres - workshop dispatcher - workshop director - vice president; excellent logistics staff promotion channel: Clerk - department manager - department manager - assistant vice president.
    development of

    Wukesong Group is currently in the stage of rapid development, the Group's development is inseparable from the excellent management personnel, the Group will be selected from the excellent management team to adjust the management staff to the appropriate management positions in the Wukesong Group As long as you are good enough to have a suitable post to wait for your participation, which is advocating with the company's "flowers in full bloom, butterfly from the people to wonderful, days from the" management philosophy is highly consistent.

    Group leaders always keep up with the party's political philosophy, advocating "a person is not rich wealth, we are rich enough to be rich" guiding ideology. To this end, the implementation of employee equity incentive mechanism within the group, according to the company's KPI assessment to develop the proportion of equity allocation, and earnest to make good family too much work, do a lot of work, and ultimately break the dry and bad a kind, dry and not Do not distinguish between the backward mode, the real staff is the owner of the business, the exercise of the owner's rights and obligations, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each family's work.
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