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    Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Strategic Cooperation

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      Welcome to Langfang, Wushu Song welcome you! The new situation, the new normal, the study, the company decided to issue a comprehensive global strategic cooperation invitation, welcome domestic and foreign enterprises, the Group site visits, and seek common development plans.

      First, our advantages:

      National key project designated building templates, have to participate in project bidding qualifications

      2015 selected network evaluation model template ten plate brand

      "National Building template 30 strong enterprises", "national AAA-level contract and trustworthy enterprise"

      China template and scaffolding association "building template production level qualification" enterprise

      Products through GB / T17656-2008 "concrete plywood national standard" ISO9000: 2000 international quality system certification

      China template scaffolding association enterprise qualification level premium units

      Perfect inspection procedures, non-qualified products do not factory, customers at ease

      Second, the intention and manner of cooperation

      In order to achieve rapid growth under the new normal trend, as long as the cooperation potential and consensus, as long as the sincere cooperation, and seek common development principles, there is cooperation opportunities.

      1, product cooperation: the company has formed a large-scale production capacity, with a sound quality assurance capabilities and process of production mode, you can price and demand the company's strategic cooperation.

      2, foundry cooperation: as a brand of products processing and production base.

      3, capital level cooperation: investment, joint ventures, shares cooperation.

      4, development cooperation: the two sides can jointly develop new products, and results into the transformation.

      Welcome domestic and foreign enterprises, the Group site visits, and seek common development plans!

      Official customer service hotline: 400-666-8655

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