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    Marketing network

    Marketing network

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    Five major brands:
    (1) 25 years focused on the development and production of building templates;
    (2) by the China template scaffolding Association as a special qualification;
    (3) the exclusive introduction of Finnish plastic technology, independent research and development and production of building templates for phenolic plastic;
    (4) by the wood around the semi-circular mouth of the black plastic film template patent certificate;
    (5) CCTV "influence dialogue" column partners.

    Five product advantages:
    (1) quality assurance, each template must be multi-channel production processes, multi-channel inspection process can be a qualified product;
    (2) exclusive formula with plastic, independent research and development and production of special templates for building templates;
    (3) high-quality poplar whole core dough, raw materials procurement department of raw material suppliers have strict supply standards;
    (4) the number of high turnover, the same specifications of the product turnover than other manufacturers high;
    (5) good surface roughness, high-quality templates have been a unique sanding process board.
    To learn more about joining, please call: 400-666-8655

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